How Do You Put Together Your Control Schedule?

I'm curious what other companies include in their "Control Schedule". Do you list equipment that others are supplying/installing that ties into your access control system. How far down the rabbit hole of explanation do you go?

And what what program do you use to create/format it? Obvious program is Excel but seems like there would be a better program not only to save time on redundant data entry but also make it easier to format. I have heard of some great (and very expensive programs for door and hardware schedules but none for security/access control/cameras)

To put this in context we have been asked to...

"Submit for approval in spreadsheet format showing control equipment, equipment being controlled and/or monitored with manufacturer’s name and model numbers. Include control and controlled equipment voltages and loads, control switch functions, LED indicators, door interlocks, alarms, integration connections to fully describe the functions and equipment interface. Submit catalog specification sheets on equipment to be provided. Update the control schedule with approved changes made during the course of the project.The control schedule shall be included in the facilities maintenance manual."


"The Integrator shall present documentation delineating the complete requirements for Security System engineering, fabrication, assembly, installation, commissioning and testing. Engineering Submittals shall be presented to the Consultant for review, comment and approval prior to commencing further work."

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