How Do I Find A Small Camera?

Regularly, we get variations of this question. "I need a small camera that does X, Y, Z, etc."

We are looking at how to make this easy to solve with the Camera Finder.

Initial idea is to start tracking the dimensions and weight of every camera. Then we could either let people search for those specifically (e.g., only cameras less than X grams or smaller than Y height) or we could create categories based on those numbers (small, medium, large, etc.).

Any thoughts on this?

Interesting question, this is asked many time, it will be good to add to your camera finder. It will also need to be coupled with the comment, "To be installed in the following environment.....". A small compact dome in a retail store, or small box camera to be installed in an enclosure or remote head camera for covert or ATM installations.

Peter, thanks for the feedback.

We already support searching for box, dome and covert form factors. Once we get size in, a user could easily search for a camera that is a box AND small, combining those two criteria to narrow down.