How Can You Get Cell Backup To An ADSL Line For A Camera System

What is the best method to provide cellular backup to a land line at your customer's camera system.

Case 1: A separate ADSL line is provided for the camera network. If the ADSL line goes down, the camera network will fail over to the Microhard modem. The automation software at the monitoring station is expecting a particular public IP address to resolve what account it is or to initiate a session with a camera. The operator may have to initiate a session while the site is in fail over.

Case 2: Instead of a separate ADSL line we use the customers network and their internet connection and setup the appropriate port forwarding.

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but CradlePoint does this type of thing. However, my guess is that you would use CradlePoint instead of Microhard. I'm not sure of all of the details, but I know that some folks have accomplished what you're looking to do with CradlePoint.

Some of their devices can also fail over to WiFi if you want them to, before they go to cellular.

I seconds what Hans said. The Cradlepoint COR600 is rock solid.

I have had great success with PepLink Cellular Routers. We have installed several systems in the 911 Public Safety communications arena and have experienced no problems after installation.

thanks for the feedback

We will try one of the appliances.