How Can A 360 Degree Camera Have Only A 180 Degree Lens?

Seriously, what gives?

example: Axis M3007 claims to have 360 degree view but has only 187 degree fisheye lens.

It's 180 degrees x-axis and 180* y-axis. That is how someone explained it to me once.

Thanks, I've heard that too.

Main problem I have with that is then a 90 degree X-axis and 90 degree Y-axis camera is a 180???

They describe it as a 180/360.

The lens lets you see 1/2 of a sphere of coverage. If you mount it on a wall, it would be a 180 degree view of your typical area of interest. If you mount it on the ceiling you would have a 306 view of everything *under* the camera, the logic being that there is nothing above it to see.

...the logic being that there is nothing above it to see.

That I hadn't heard, but it's the best explanation, besides outright fraud, I've come across, thanks!

So the IC realtime 720 is so named because... ;)

Good discussion. This is a practical issue for us when we try to list cameras in the Calculator because it impacts what preview scene we should show. Also, if someone really tried to decide based on listed AoVs it might confuse them if manufacturers varied based on different assumptions / marketing position.