Hospital Corridor Cameras

Looking for an IP dome camera that can see both ways in the middle of a corridor and also see both corridors from a corner location ( i.e. L shape)

How many cameras / imagers do you need? 2 or more?

Arecont Omni Test Results; you can position the imagers in custom directions and set specific AoVs for each.

Sounds like he would only need two imagers per camera. Can the omni be ordered with just two?

Was shocked to find the only two imager cameras in the finder were Mobotix. You would think a fixed two-imager 180 (or 90) would be a common enough request that there would be many options, no?

The Mobotix D15 works great for corridors and we use them often for school and enterprise use.

There might be a few other dual imager / dual direction cameras out there. If anyone recalls, please share.

Checked with Arecont - their Omni series only comes with 4 imagers - you would need to diable 2 of the imagers

Depending on the length of the corridor, you might want to use all four, with two wide angle lenses for the foreground, and two longer focal length lenses for the longer shots. You should be able to aim two imagers in the same direction without issue.

If it's not that long and you'd only need two, then yes, it's a waste.