Honeywell Cannot Pick An OEM

Picked up in the past week by our News Service, Honeywell has released NVR kits from Dahua as part of their Performance Series line.

This is in addition to existing DVRs and NVRs from Hikvision and OpenEye, along with an announcement earlier this year of new models made by DynaColor. Is Honeywell commitment phobic?

The issue is dealer confusion. With this many OEM products, in addition to their own line(s), dealers are left unsure what's compatible with what. Can I use the same software to view these 5 different recorders? Will the existing camera line work with this new Performance Series kit?

Honeywell dealers (and others) how do you deal with this confusion and variety of products which may or may not all be compatible? Are there other large companies like Honeywell relabling gear from numerous OEMs?

That is pretty crazy. I work for a Honeywell/First Alert security dealer. We used to use their HRSD/HRXD and the HRDP lines when they were around and a customer wanted the name. We tried the first release of the Hikvision OEM and had a number of DOAs like 3 of the first 5. Also had software issues with them. This soured that line for us and we just moved on to other sources for low cost surveilance. Currently using another Hikvision rebrand and have been satisfied. Another problem we had with these less expensive performace lines is the limited internal storage options of usually 1 or 2 TB. They also void the warranty if you add your own internal storage.

Short version: We just dont sell Honeywell surveilance unless it is spec'd.

FLIR packages the cables and screws so you can add a hard drive or change the one inside. It's a bigger deal than most people think as I used to work for a big name company who voided the warranty. Actually having various OEM's can work if they are building to your requirements instead of just relabeling. Greg