Home Drones...Here They Come.

There is now a flying surveillance drone for … your home:

Meet Cardinal, the world’s first autonomous surveillance drone designed for home use. Developed by Cardinal Robotics, the Cardinal drone is an entirely new way of keeping tabs on your home via an eye in the sky.

1, thanks for sharing. That looks interesting. I can't find anything else about the company 'Cardinal Robotics'. Curious how legit / capable they are.

Here's the only thing I could find:


$4010.00!!! Also looks like it's a "Kickstarter" type of group as it is setup for preorders.

looks like a very well done scam site


Eddie, lol, it may not be a spam site but I agree that the lack of details makes it look that way.

Clicking around, the tweet button includes a link to cardinaldrone.com who has a whois record listing Bill Kimberlin who has a related drone business. So that is at least one human but I do not know how good or bad the offer is.

$20 for shipping? No thanks.