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Hitachi Gige Vision Cameras

Any one used Hitachi GiGE Vision Cameras?

I have not. What are you looking to do with it?

Their catalogue shows these models are "industrial series cameras", just to figureout what are the advantages over other CCTV cameras?

Well, in general, I believe, industrial cameras, output uncompressed video. Plus, they typically have big sensors (these are up to 2/3") and global shutters. If you are looking for fine details, like in a factory making decisions about moving parts, the increased details and less risk of blur are likely quite helpful.

For general surveillance, I see very little advantage and rarely hear about people using them. Also, it is a pain in the ass to then have to encode it to H.264 / MJPEG for long term recording. I am assuming, though someone correct me, that many/most industrial camera users do not do long term recording?

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