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Hikvision + Synology Surveillance System Vs. Qsee System

Hi All,

I purchased a q-see system from costco. (9 Bullet Cameras 3MP 1080P + 16 camera NVR/3Tb) for $1200. Hard to beat that price for the bundle. However, the NVR is terribly loud and we are an Apple household and the the Q-See NVR doesn't work well with Apple. (Got the PSS software running, but it is a bit clunky)

I'm trying to get some opinions on what what option other folks would recommend. I already have a Synology NAS.

1) Stick with the Q-See System. Put the NVR in a closet and possibly replace the fan.

2) Don't use the NVR. Hook up the q-see cameras to the Synology Surveillance System. Sell the NVR. Buy a POE switch.

3) Just return the Q-See system. Buy some HikVision 3Mp cameras for <$100 each on aliexpress +. Buy the POE Switch and hook up the Synology NAS.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.



Have you tried the Synology VMS software / client? Do you like it?

Are you sure you can get Hikvision 3MP cameras for under $100? Here's the 4 matches we find. Make sure they are English / America version so you don't hit service / support problems? See: Buying Hikvision Chinese Versions Vs USA Ones

My gut feel is to go with option 2 but #3 is reasonable as well.

Thanks for the feedback and links John. I've boxed up the q-see system and am going to go with option #3.

I have the Synology Surveillanance Station running for some foscams and it seems fine. Nothing special, but seems to work ok.

I suspect the sub $100 ones are not the English/American versions. You can get the 3MP ones from several resellers via newegg for <$100. You can get them from a ton of resellers for ~$85 on aliexpress. If I buy 10 camears, that is a pretty significant savings and seems worth the gamble. Users on other forums are reporting that they are happy with their purchase.

The Q-See/Dahua NVR has a better app than the PSS you tried. Their Smart PSS is better, but still not a polished product yet. It is the one major downfall of the Dahua product. Their iOS app is very good though.

Mad for the Synology NVR, I too have a Synology here at home and tried out Surveillance Station, but found that retrieving video footage to take way too long. I would highly recommend using DW Spectrum instead. So much easier to find events as well as back them up.

Thanks Jon.

I was trying to get the Dahua NVR working on a MAC. Are you suggesting there is some "better app" that I can try? I only resorted to trying PSS, because Chrome/Safari on Mac didn't work.

Smart PSS is the newer version of the Dahua free CMS. It has replaced PSS.

Download Smart PSS.