Hikvision Promises Armadillo Racing Too!

Facts: Armadillo are among nature's stupidest animals. They possess instincts to run or jump in exactly the wrong direction. Like under the wheels of my moving vehicle, even if I swerve to miss them.

In Texas the proper term for Armadillo is 'Speed Bump'

For those who care about Axis's NA partner conference, here is a recap from a trade mag. Not a lot of new developments mentioned though Axis did discuss an upcoming 4K PTZ. Axis also has a cybersecurity hardening guide (which we plan to do a post examining the details).

Btw, for those not clear about the Hikvision reference, it alludes to Hikvision continued copying of the Axis / Western style playbook of spending on lavish / silly events like Armadillo racing.

...and what Axis bills as the “world’s first” pan/tilt/zoom camera (Q6128) with 4K resolution...

The balls.