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Axis C3003-E Network Horn Not Compatible With Hikvision NVR, What NVR Can It Be Used With?

Hello, I have question. I have a Hikvision NVR, can i use the axis C3003-E Network Horn Speaker on this nvr? is this compatible? let me know.

I looked into this using our Hikvision 9632 NVR, the C3003-E wouldn't add to the NVR using the Axis driver and the C3003-E doesn't support Onvif, so no, it isn't compatible. Hope that helps.

Hello, thanks for the info.

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Who knows which NVR will work with the Axis C3003-E Network Horn Speaker? A brand other than Axis, thnx

I will look into this for you using some of the NVR's we have around the office and update. We've also forwarded your question to Axis, I will update if they give any feedback.

Ok thanks, I'll keep an eye on you, if you get that information let me know. Thnx.

ExacqVision shows the C3003-E was Detected, with Audio G.711u and Two Way Audio Passing their tests.

2-Way Audio is confirmed with Milestone for this device. 

Our current Office Demo System is Video Insight, and the C3003-E is listed as a model when adding a device. It isnt published on the VI/Panasonic site, but seeing it listed in the software is further proof. 

Thats all I can find for now. =)

If you must use an NVR, the horn will add to an Exacq NVR. here is out report on the M-Series NVR.

Not certain there are any NVRs that it would be compatible with unless they have special drivers.  There are many VMS to select from where it will function.

I would assume that the only NVR with the needed drivers would be an Axis Companion recorder.

I would assume that the only NVR with the needed drivers would be an Axis Companion recorder.

Not certain.  I have never used one but aren't the Companion series the units that only work with certain, very specific low end Axis cameras?  That seems like a bad assumption if so.

What is the purpose using Axis horn with Hikvision NVR? If you need to play audio clips on events - it can be realized via Axis VAPIX http cgi commands without connecting it to NVR or VMS as device.

It can easily be used with an Avigilon NVR - it is integrated and does not cost any extra license fee.

Is it possible to use a P8221 to detect audio from an NVR's audio output and trigger a C3003 to play it?