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Hikvision Logic: Crime Down, Cases Up?

Hikvision press release:

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has teamed up with the Memphis Police Department (MPD) to protect the residents of Memphis in Tennessee, the U.S. Using a variety of security solutions to prevent and reduce crime, since 2007 MPD has deployed hundreds of analog and IP cameras and dozens of recorders from Hikvision to keep the city safe. With incidents now being captured on high-quality video, MPD has noted an increase in criminal cases being taken to court.

So much for the deterrent theory.

And one would expect that if these cases were resulting in convictions, over a 8 year period, that crime would go down, just because of the reduction of criminals.

In addition, if crime had actually gone up, say because patrols were reduced to pay for cameras, wouldn't it be natural for cases to go up as well?