Hikvision False Alerts

Have a 12mm bullet DS-2CD2012-I Hikvision camera watching a driveway. It is giving false alerts very often. Playback shows nothing. I have line crossing setup with it set low on the sensitivity. Using a Hikvision DS-7608NI-E2 NVR. I need a better camera that will do line crossing without so many false alerts.

Can anyone recommend a better camera that will not throw so many false alerts.

I assume since this is the lowest price camera I need to spend a little more to get reliable detection?

Prefer a 12MM outdoor bullet, can use varifocal but is not needed. Will use anything reliable.


Hey Greg, can you possibly post a screenshot of the line setup? It would help in figuring out some issues. I've seen some of the Hikvision analytics work fairly well, but they tended to take tweaking in our tests to reject those issues.

What time of day are your false alerts coming? Day? Night? Both?

daytime are the only false alerts, i will try to get a screen shot asap, might be a day, I will have to go to the site, no remote access

What appears to be causing the false alerts? Do you see specific objects or phenomenon (shadows, trees, leaves, wind, rain, etc., etc.)?

no shadows, objects, trees are pretty far off, can't see anything in the replay

What version of firmware are you running? I would try upgrading that as a first step.

newest, 5.3