Hikvision Cameras Locking Up?

I have quite a few HikVision cameras (DS-2CD2732 and DS-2CD2532) installed at various client locations that completely lock up and (no ping, no web, nothing) only power cycling them will bring them back online. It seems to happen all the time. They may stay online for a week, maybe two weeks, or a little longer. Is anyone else having this issue?

HikVision is pointing at the NVR (Software Only Exacq systems), but there is only 1 stream being pulled per camera to the NVR and maybe 2 or 3 Exacq clients connected at any one time. It doesn't matter what I do with the NVR, the camera stays locked up until I power cycle it. I don't have these issues with any other manufacture's cameras. I believe it's a camera issue and not the NVR.

System Layout-
Dedicated Video Gigabit Networks
Netgear Pro-Safe Managed PoE Switches (using about 25% of PoE Budget)
Custom Built NVRs running Win-7 Pro, 8-16GB RAM, SSD, blah blah

I have had the same issue and used the same solution to reboot the cameras. The only difference is that these cameras were on a Hikvision embedded NVR.

Other IP cameras that I use have an option to reboot daily/weekly - this feature has solved my problems with those particular cameras. Perhaps if Hikvision gets a feature request from multiple integrators, they will give us a firmware update.

I really don't have any issues like this with any of the other cameras I have installed, other than maybe a rare lockup on a Sony, which is no big deal. These seem to do it all the time (in comparison).

HikVision was super quick to point to the VMS, thinking I was pulling multiple streams and clients connecting direct to the camera. I had to repeat myself multiple times with the guy. The client has no direct access. Physical separate network. Just ONE stream from the camera to the NVR. The most up to date HikVision firmware and Exacq Server.

I understand you just contacted our support yesterday. The information you provided will be discussed with the Integration Support person in our California office. We have many customers using Exacq with Hikvision products without issues. I am certain we will resolve your issue.

Friday afternoon, I sent a detaild email to tech support with all of the details on the NVR, camera model numbers & firmware, PoE switche(s), network design, and VMS.


I am having the same problems with some Hikvision DS-2CD-2132 and DS-2032. They are on the same network. There about 40 cameras on the network. About 5 of these go into lock-up randomly. I am pulling just one stream from the cameras. Power recycle does the trick.

Problems seems to be with the 2132 and 2032. I am using the 2532 and 2632 and so far no problems (>100 2532 and about 20 2632).

Would like to have an answer to that. it is pretty consistent and more than annoying

Are all the cameras running the same firmware version? What is the headend? Are they on the same switches as the camera sthat are working? Have you contacted Technical Support?

In the short term you could use a Pingbrother switch or something similar. In a nutshell, if the POE network device stops responding to periodic pings, the switch will automatically cycle the power.

Because of this particular issue, I have since been looking at PoE switches that can provide this function. What's difficult is converting existing clients with the newly added HikVision cameras. It wasn't an issue with the other manufactures that we already have up and runing at their specific location. Moving forward is a different story.

I have used many of these cameras and never experienced this with Hikvision NVRS or Genetec VMS.However Ido experience this ocassionally with Exacq.

must say that we have a location with extremely stable power (Data Centrer-grade UPS) and have not experienced such issue. It seems to happen when there is an inerruption, brown-outs, any disturbance on the main power line that could provoke the camera to reboot... FWIWThe cameras are different though, DS-2CD2532 ... We have these issues mostly with 2032 and 2132...

AFAIK, there has been a bug in some 4.x / 5.x FW versions of Hikvision cameras, causing them to hang after a specific number of days (maybe 22? I don't recall exactly), with the exact symptoms you describe. Have you tried upgrading them to the latest (5.2) version?

At one location, they are all at v5.2.0 build 140721 (newest version avaialable on the HikVision website). Another location, they are v5.1.2 build 140116. I did not update the 2nd location to have a reference point. Both locations have the issues originally stated.

Then it must be another issue... because 5.2 versions in theory don't suffer this problem. But I suggest to watch for this, in case you observe a pattern in which the failures happen 22 days after last reboot, it might mean the same problem is appearing again in new versions :(