How To Get Rid Of Annoying Audio Icon On Hikvision PTZ Camera Display

So one of my Hikvision camera's has this annoying speaker icon which I just can't seem to get rid off.

It just keep blinking and I can't find the option to get rid of it. I was wondering if any of you had something similar and know how to get rid of it.

Here's what it looks like:

Roger- what model and firmware version?

Best regards,

Bob (Hikvision)


This is a DS-2DF7286-A and I've tried V5.2.8 and V5.2.4.

This is an alarm status indicator in the PTZ camera.

You can disable this display by entering the OSD menu.

Using the PTZ joystick controls to control the diamond cursor.

First arrow down to system settings and click on the IRIS + (enlarge) icon.

From the System settings menu select System Information Settings -> Clicking on the IRIS + (enlarge) icon

Enter the Display settings by click on the IRIS + (Enlarge) icon.

Move Diamond cursor to Alarm Status and USE the IRIS + icon. Your diamond cursor will now have a hold denoting your selection. Using the PTZ up and down arrows, change the Alarm Status to Off.

Now Exit the menu and the alarm status indicator will be turned off.

Screen shots did not paste in. Send me an email and I can send full response provided by my Syppurt Team.


Bob. Thank you for the help! That indeed got rid of the icon.

I wonder how it got on in the first place and not on the other domes as well. Took some figuring out how to get the OSD menu to open but the manual stated that preset 95 did that and it did.

Again, thank you!