Hikvision 4K Bullet Camera

Is IPVM planning on testing the DS-2CD4A85F-IZH Hikvision 4K bullet camera? I have it on the bench here at the shop but I haven't opened it yet.

Is that shipping in the US yet?

I am not sure if we will test that.

Our next Hikvision camera test will be the DS-2CD6026FHWD-A3 because it is supposed to be their top of line ultra low light, true WDR 1080p offering. We just bought that a few days ago.

Do you plan to test the analytics or will this test be image quality only?

John- the 4K cameras are shipping. DS-9632NI-H8 NVR would be required for recording. Supply is still limited. I will check on 3rd Party VMS support.

Bob (Hikvision)

Bob, do you have a rough estimate when the first hik.265 cameras will ship?

It would likley be in Q4. NVRs which support H.265 will be ready then as well.


Any significant findings with Hikvision's new ultra low light camera?

I found HIK's 4K low light performance was similar to the Dahua 4K bullet IPVM tested earlier this year.

Update: It connected today to exacqVision 6.8 via ONVIF. So far it is recording fine on server. Some of the default settings are little different than previous high end HIK cameras. For example it defaults to CBR instead of VBR. Set for semi-auto focus, WDR and HLC are turned off. Also, has remote focus and zoom through the client as well which is rare for exacq.

Suggested wholesale cost?

Greg- contact your local authorized Hikvision distributor or Regional Sales Manager for pricing.

Bob (Hikvision)

A bit condescsending, no?

<edit> apology Bob/John. I thought Greg was asking A.

No, not condescending. I doubt any manufacturer is going to quote wholesale pricing on the Internet, whether it is an IPVM discussion or any other site.

ADI COST 859.99 Reason I asked was my initial dificulty with ADI Global site and part number. I did not take any remarks to be condesending not on this site. John will correct those incorrect remarks if an issue founded on reasonble pricipals... he did it once for me

I started looking at the Hikvision 8MP Bullet, DS-2CD4585F-IZH, for use with Surveillance Station 7.1 Beta which I'm using. Got a good price and delivery time at 123Security, $842.60 USD.


Not a supported camera. Contacted Synology to see if I could set it up as 6MP DS-2CD4A65F-IZH which is a supported camera. Told not likely-different chipset. Contacted Hikvision to see if I could set it up as OVNIF because SS says they are compatible with ONVIF Profile S v2.4. Got this response:

Unfortunately we are not compatible with ONVIF Profile S v2.4. We are compatible with Profile S v2.2 and lower.

Bottom Line: Can't use 8MP with SS at this time. So I'm looking at 6MP Bullet (also a new model as is the 6MP Dome) to replace a Hikvision 3MP Bullet, DS-2CD2032-I.

FYI I'm using SS on a DS414 with (4) 4TB drives. Recording 100% of the time with (3) 3MP cameras at 2048x1536, 6 fps. Home Surveiillance of my house. Want to upgrade to more MP for more detail on playback since I'm not live monitoring.

Unfortunately we are not compatible with ONVIF Profile S v2.4. We are compatible with Profile S v2.2 and lower.

This answer is confused. The whole point of the profile system is to guarantee a certain level of compatibility between those claiming a profile.

ANY device that is (any level) Profile S compatible should (in theory) be able function with any Profile S client. Since Hik is claiming 2.2 and Syn 2.4, only the features added in 2.4 would not be available.

On the other hand, I do not show that exact Hik camera listed as Profile S at all.

This answer is confused.

Just to get the answer I got from Hikvision took me more work that it did to set up my DS. LOL.

Finally got this camera in and mounted. It connects with Avigilon and records on motion detection without issue.


The 8MP has a motorized zoom (DS-2CD4A85F-IZH). Is it working with Avigilon?

Yup it works


I'm using Synology SS. Can you and "Undisclosed 1 Integrator" tell me more about your hardware and software configurations. I prefer dedicated hardware but I'm open to change.

Michael:Did you set the 8MP up as an ONVIF?

James yes Hikvision cameras connect via ONVIF to Avigilon's VMS. Avigilon is a windows based VMS solution so you need a computer/server running Windows 7 or better to run the software. The demo system at our office would not be somthing that you would run at your home unless you are a CCTV nut like some of us are here :). Our demo Avigilon system is running in VMware on a supermicro server with Fiber Channel storage.