Hfwvision Vs Hikvision?

So strange, the company, Hfwvision, looks to be a Chinese knockoff of Hikvision.

From yet another spam email:

"Today i wanna share some informations about our CCTV facoty with you."

This is the company's wordmark:

And here is Hikvision's wordmark:

This company's camera:

And here is Hikvision's camera:

This takes the spam Chinese emails to the next level, wonder how many people are fooled into thinking this is Hik.

Perhaps they're just borrowing it?

Here they seem to be gesturing their appreciation to their cooperative compatriots.

Funny, but if their name was XYZ instead, we'd be wondering how many people are fooled into thinking this WASN'T Hik...

The other element of their logo, the swoosh, is very Dahua-esque too.

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