Help Needed To Find Cold Temperature Public View Monitor

Can you help me?

I am looking for feedback or suggestions from ANYONE that has had any experience finding a reliable 32” PVM that operates in temps below 15 degrees F.

It is in a protected area (no water or snow), but it can get very cold. It’s a parking garage in NYC. It can be a monitor that I connect to a camera, or with integrated camera.

I had one that went out and have been unable to find anything that is actually rated for lower temps to replace it. I have checked with numerous manufactures. All seem to rate no lower than 32 degrees F.

These go from -40 to 140.

Perhaps getting a monitor enclosure would be wiser ?

We have one for a monitor next to our gates.
We use this one

Panasonic makes super rugged displays, but I don't think they go much smaller than 42".

Thanks to Und 3, I just noticed the 32" requirement. The peerlessAV monitors only go as small as 40".

Here's one from Sunbrite that's 32" and -40.

Thank you! I appreciate the response. I just looked the Sunbrite product. Although a little pricey, it's not bad. Its likely a wash on the cost, if you consider the cost of an enclosure.

I like -40, its the only temp that you don't need to specify C or F. ;)