Help Finding Network Equipment/Cabling In Hawaii (Kauai)

I am on the island of Kauai performing work. Unfortunately, I am on a short time span and require some additional equipment. Is anyone familiar with the area and if so, could they recommend a source for acquiring the following items? I am looking for someplace that does not require overnighting from the mainland in order to have on hand in a reasonable time frame. The following equipment is what I am looking for:

1x 35' or larger 62.5 OM1 fiber optic patch cord, duplex ST to duplex LC

1x 8' or larger 62.5 OM1 fiber optic patch cord, duplex ST to duplex LC

2x Gigabit Fiber optic Media Converters w/LC GBICs or LC input

or, rather than media converters:

2x GBICs compatible with Cisco and TP-Link equipment

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

Have you checked the ADI and Graybar locations in Oahu? Or Industrial Electronics

I can put you in touch with individual people but those stores are more likely to have it local.

I tried ADI and Graybar. It looks like Industrial Electronics might be the source on this one. Thank you John, I knew this forum would have the answer.

You can simply buy me a one way airline ticket out of Detroit and I will personally deliver any supplies needed!

Ive actually had good luck getting small stuff overnighted to Hawaii using Amazon Prime. It's a little more than the standard rate, but all things considered not too bad. I had a USB cable overnighted for a total of $18 (cable plus shipping).

Literally overnighted? I can't ever recall getting something ordered one day, delivered the next. Two nights was always the best I could get.

I'm 99% sure it was overnight.

Yup, just checked Amazon order history. Ordered March 24th, delivered to Maui on March 25th.

$5.00 for the cable, $12.99 for shipping.