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Help Finding A DVR That Has HTTP API?

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a DVR manfacturer that offer an HTTP API? We are looking for one that has basic functions like live view and playback.


Robert, that's an excellent question and, theoretically, it should be straightforward to do and easy to provide a list of manufacturers that meet this. Unfortunately, I am not sure what vendors do.

It makes sense. Having an HTTP API allows calling for video feeds, recorded clips, etc. with minimal effort. And this certainly exists from cameras (e.g., Axis's VAPIX is an HTTP API as are many other camera APIs].

Generally, DVRs, NVRs and VMSes have more complicated APIs, either requiring integration via .NET, JAVA, etc.

Anyone have any suggestions of recorders that do have an HTTP API?

Thats is true John. During My 2 month quest I came across 3 types of Manfactures:

1- Has an SDK, but like you mentioned it is in .Net or C++

2- Dose not want to give it out. I believe chinese companies steel from each other so much that they feel everyone is a threat.

3- Has it but does not work. Most of the commands comes back with errors, poor documentation and the best one is when the translation from chinese to english is done by running the documents through google translate :) You cant understand anything

Robert, sad but funny! Let's see if anyone else has ideas.

You should look at the ExacqVision DVR. It has a HTTP API that you can get live and recorded video through as well as activate triggers and look at different views.

I am looking for a cost competitive unit. I know that Exacq and Panasonic DVR has an HTTP API, but they are expensive. Thanks for the info.

Hi Robert,

We have an HTTP API for our DVR range which is also used by our IP NVRs (see "SDK of DVR 3 series and 5 series").

These DVR's are due to be superseded by the 7 & 8 Series shortly but will use the same API - as will all future NVRs so you only have to write your interface once to be compatible with all LILIN recorders, analogue and IP.

If you need any more info let me know

Jason @ LILIN

Jason, is there any fee / NDA / licensing agreement that one needs to execute before using your API for DVRs/NVRs? Or can someone just use it out of the box?


There is no fee, no NDA or licensing agreement. We will support any company who wants to integrate our devices, the documents are on our our website for anyone to dowlnload.

Hello Jason,

Can you ask someone from Sales to contact me at 469-777-8464. Thanks

Robert, I have sent your request to Robert Melendez in our LA office, he will be in touch shortly. For your info our LA office number is 626-930-1000

Thank you.

Is there any other DVRs with HTTP APIs?

Smartvue Offers a Free Cloud Based HTTP API with all of its S9 servers. Documentation is available here:
-Martin Renkis (Vendor with Smartvue Corporation)

@martin renkis - All that is on that page is a 3 links to three different HTML pages, is that the extent of your documentation? None of the pages have comments in the code either. Where is the example code? Where is the list of what the return results of the functions should look like?

Thanks for your reply Robert. This is usually enough for our customers to do an evaluation and get live and recorded video acces from our S9 severs using our free cloud services. We are pleased to offer additional information as needed based on the specific requirements of each customer after we engage.

3xLOGIC's HTTP API Reference Doc

No licensing fee or NDA to use the HTTP API features built into VIGIL Products.