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HELP! Camera Goes Offline When I Use Autofocus At Night

Hello all.

I have an outdoor IR dome with a heater that slips out of focus at night, and when I try to auto focus, the camera goes offline for a about a minute, then comes back online and is still out of focus. I have had success using manual focus, but after a few nights, it slips back out of focus, causing frustration and headaches.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

Some cameras have difficulty auto-focusing at night because it is too dark for them to get an object / objects to focus on.

Why it goes offline, I do not know but this is most likely a manufacturer specific issue.

My guess is the IR banks are drawing more power at night. Then, when you try to use the autofocus it requires even more power and there is not enough there from the POE output. Try higher power POE.

Sounds plausible.

If the heater is POE maybe Undisclosed A can reduce the setting a bit to give the rest of the system a little more power. If the heater is not POE then maybe it's supply is big enough to power the camera as well...