He's At It Again...

@BtheDean @ipvideo @soundy Did you guys read @AxisIPVideo M2014 data sheet? What is interface between cam unit & companion? S/b HDcctv.


I dunno what data format Axis is using, but it's a 6-pin RJ12 connector, same as the P12 models - I would guess power and bi-directional data. How he injects "HDcctv" into that is just beyond me.

I tried to reply but something is wonky with my internet and tweets aren't going anywhere. *sigh*

@toddrockoff @BtheDean @ipvideo @AxisIPVideo I believe bi-dir data and power on 6-pin RJ12, same as P12-series. What's your point?

It's neither here nor there because Axis sells it only as a packaged kit with an IP / VAPIX / ONVIF interface.

My twitter account is working fine

Yeah, just tried on my desktop, tweeted fine... musta been my netbook. *shrug*

John, I think he was suggesting that Axis is using HDcctv to connect the camera to the interface box. Can't figure out where that comes from, because there are no BNCs on the box. Can't imagine what the benefit of that would be anyway. Or he's suggesting that they SHOULD use HDcctv, but that doesn't make sense either, since you still have to power the camera module, AND I'd think you want bi-directional data to control the camera portion.

Having just installed a couple dozen P1214-Es on a site, I have to say, it's a pretty slick design overall.

Personally, looking at his previous couple tweets, I think Todd was drunk-tweeting.

Todd equates anything not IP with HDcctv, i.e., HD SDI is HDcctv etc. Really, I don't see the point talking about this. He's baiting in you to get attention and waste our time.

Fair enough. Looks like he's making an idiot of himself to the general press:

@SSN_Editor Did you guys notice that @AxisIPVideo M2014-E "IP cam" is actually HDcctv-style cam + external 1-ch DVR (w/out live view)?


Funniest part of this is, Axis already did this same thing with the P12s, what, 6-8 months ago? I would expect the P85s do something similar as well, although they have no pictures of them, so I can't say for sure. That's our Todd, always right on top of the latest tech...

I think his best "bit" was his accusation that I questioned the accuracy of the report he linked to: "IP Network Hacked, Cameras Snooped, Costs Casino $33m", saying my skepticism was based on animosity towards him. That's some serious paranoia!

Shouldn't we stop picking on him? Reasons below:

1. He is an Australia (gotta be patriotic and stand up for my folks here....)

2. Already know that he is a doctor of great hyperbole proportions, maybe we should lay off of the less constructive criticisms (okay so I don't really have any constructive criticism myself - hey I don't even know how to spell the word...). Just that we don't want outsiders to view us respectable engineers/technicians/consultants/integrators/managers as fanbois and a bias bunch.

3. HDcctv offers to best live view performance, and we all know that live view is the greatest and most important (at least I think it was in 1990 when they did not have DVRs, but there, I digressed...) and we all know that people do not like change - so why force them to? forgot about VMS, analytics, PSIM - JUST GIVE THEM THE BEST LIVE VIEW - enough said.

4. He is an Aussie (I think I am thinking in circles again, oh dear, infinite loop, must reset....)

By the way I think want he meant was that the Axis M2014/P12 uses an "uncompressed HD digital connection" from the camera sensor unit to the encoder/control unit - hence the claim that its HDcctv.

Actually, it IS a HD CCTV camera.

So bascially HDcctv = any uncompressed digital HD video connection.

Its a completely valid point guys - come on - you know its true!

Gosh thats a terrible video - reminds me of something else thats terrible - now what would that be...

So what is this? An HD SDI 'camera' with an 8 foot maximum cable length and a tightly integrated IP encoder. Does this mean Axis is going away from IP? No. Does this mean HDcctv is being validated? No.

It's a niche proprietary product.

That's nothing.... the Mobotix S14 is two HDcctv cameras!

"Does this mean HDcctv is being validated? No."

Yeah, especially since I really doubt these cameras use SDI at all. Seems to me that would be a whole extra layer of cost and complexity.

These Axis and Mobotix productss really argue AGAINST hd-sdi, or similar non-Ethernet, methods for a modern cctv backbone. Both products are essentially trying to create the smallest possible form-factor for the camera lens/imager unit, and then cable that back to the nearest point for conversion to IP. They imply that if the chipsets and connectors for a full Ethernet/IP setup were possible in a smaller package, this stop-gap architecture wouldn't be used at all.

"Both products are essentially trying to create the smallest possible form-factor for the camera lens/imager unit, and then cable that back to the nearest point for conversion to IP."

Apparently to Todd and Craig, this means they're no longer IP cameras. I've disassembled a few IP cams in my time, and it seems to me the imager is USUALLY on a separate board from the rest of the circuitry(including the NIC), and connected by either pin headers or a ribbon cable... so does that mean none of those are actually IP cams? Please, someone tell me I'm wrong - this could be paradigm-shifting. This could change the entire industry!

Yeah, got another tweet this morning... basically stopping just short of explicitly claiming Axis is using SDI between the camera and the interface box, and intimating this as a validation of SDI. *rolls eyes*

So I reported the tweet as spam.

Edit: Oh, but here he says it's NOT SDI, but it SHOULD be:

"Axis finally migrates to non-IP HD cams. Now, why an 8m proprietary interface instead of 200m HDcctv? http://t.co/rV1poEmMZy"


I wish I could report spam without automatically blocking the user, he IS becoming somewhat entertaining.

I stopped finding him and his flunky Craig entertaining years ago. Now I just find them stupid.

Rocky is probably just pissed that Axis decided to forego the HDcctv certification process with their M2014


I wouldn't say he's not entertaining; just that it's more like watching a disaster unfolding or someone eating worms - fascinating in a revolting kind of way...

They were losing the amusement factor, but this latest blast of tweets attacking Axis just reeks of so much desperation... hence it's become amusing again. #desperatetodd ;)


@soundy @BtheDean @ipvideo @AxisIPVideo Are you sure analog cams are smaller than HDcctv cams? #noanalogpowersupplies

Did I say #delusionaltodd? I meant #desperatetodd

Craig's given up the meandering technical blather and simply resorted to personal jabs:

"@soundy Matt anyone with a personal number plate "Soundy", needs to take a good hard look at their belly button indefinitely ;)

See? Amusing again! Are these guys at ISC? I think they've been spending too much time in the hospitality tents :)

Matt, yes, you are right. There are no IP cameras. Only digital cameras connected to short cable run network encoders. Now is everyone happy?

Let's please drop this thread. You are encouraging them. Just let them attack in isolation.

Agreed. Better to argue with Tweedledum and Tweedledee where at least they can fight back. In that regard, they're playing the same tune on LinkedIn: Tweedledum & Tweedledee on LinkedIn