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HDTVI - Now On Sale!

And are they ever cheap!

Good find. Btw, this appears to be Trend, whomever that company is, not Hikvision.

Strange: All HDCVI product has disappeared from, except one $300+ 720P minidome, apparently put there as a reference for any savvy comparison shoppers.

Stranger: The Trend Page on secuexpress repeatably claims Trend provides HDCVI, not TVI!

Trend is one of most renowned security brands in China, which specialize in the surveillance technology and is committed to providing customer with professional IP camera and HDCVI solution. They are supplying a complete line of HDCVI cameras...

Strangest: The first three 960P cameras in Jeremiah's discussion photo, are dead-ringers for this camera above, down to the blue-ish LEDS and the ridges at the base.

I would think that these are really HDCVI cameras, just listed incorrectly if it weren't for the fact that at the bottom of the Trend page it shows the HDTVI logo, and the HIkvision one!

@John, what are the chances that HDCVI and HDTVI are at least somewhat compatible accidentally or intentionally? Like as much as watching PAL on an NTSC display is?

Is there any technical spec published for TVI or CVI that would indicate they cannot be?

For the record, between AHD,CVI, and TVI I say two of them are compatible.

My guess is that none of them will be compatible with the others, but I won't have proof until we test. However, none of them have claimed cross compatibility which is not a good sign.

I've decided to develop my own HD technology. Gonna call it HD-GLI, which stands for Hot Dawg! Good Looking Images.

Then I'm going to take over every CCTV discussion by posting comments unrelated to the original posting just to anger everyone. My final step will be to get "adopted" by a major Chinese manufacturer so that I can live out my life in luxury.

So far so good! ;)