Hdcctv Can Now Run Over Category Cable

The HDcctv Alliance, a group that has been espousing the virtues of running HD video over existing coaxial cable, has now announced a version to run over Cat5e and 6 cabling.

One rational cited was to allow "Legacy VGA IP camera-based systems can easily upgrade to uncompressed HD with HDcctv CX." All you need to do is drop your network switches, get cameras from a new supplier and add in a HDcctv DVR (or encoder).

Let me know if you are interested in this.

Finally! A product that I have no interest in, will not help me in any way/shape/form and alleviates no actual problem or issue I have. Just what I have been looking for all these years, something I can completely ignore and forget about.

Thanks Todd, er I mean John. Is HDcctv CX product available for testing/deployment now? That's the same question I asked Todd many times and never received a straight answer.

BTW, that question also applies to HDcctv XR (supposedly capable of travelling 200M on RG59), HDcctv 2.0 (adds up-the-cable remote control) and HDcctv 3.0 (more vaporware from the organization noted for touting features years in advance of their adoption by equipment manufacturers).

From the HDcctv website: "more than 200,000 HDcctv cameras were sold worldwide in 2012. Many of these cameras are certified HDcctv compliant..." - Does anyone else see the obvious contradiction there?

You're welcome, Carl:

That reference is from March 2010, so I am not sure what to say about anything HDcctv related. According to that schedule we should be at HDcctv 6.0 right now.

Is that the spec where HDcctv cameras add "state-of-the-art" features like the ability to see through clothing and around corners?