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HD-TVI Availability?

I've been very interested in testing an HD-TVI Camera, but have had trouble finding one to test. We are particularly interested in the Hikvision cameras that were on display at ASIS.

Anybody know when these might be available through distribution?

They were supposed to be avilable at ADI 10/15/2014

Thanks for the reply John. We contacted our local ADI branch, and they couldn't find any of these cameras anywhere. They had no idea when they might be available.

I believe we were told things should be shipping by now. The 4-channel DVR we're using for testing is listed there for sure.

Thanks Ethan; what cameras are you using for testing?

A 1080p EXIR bullet, 720p EXIR dome, and 720p typical bullet. I'd give you the part numbers but we all know how hard it is to remember Hikvision part numbers...

The first of the TVI test reports is coming tomorrow.