HD-TVI Encoders Available Yet?

I have been thinking of making use of HD-TVI equipment at some of our lower end customer sites. However, I do not want to exclude the possibility that we may need to connect it to a proper VMS within the next year. Has anyone developed an encoder for HD-TVI equipment? Has anyone heard any rumors that this may occur in the future?

I am aware of the IPVM article covering pulling an RTSP stream from the DVRs. However, we'd be looking for a more full featured functionality such as motion detection being functional within the VMS.

Hikvision says HD-TVI encoders are in development but they do not have a finalized release date.

There are obviously other HD-TVI manufacturers including some who do not OEM Hikvision, so maybe someone else will release an HD-TVI encoder first, but that covers the biggest supplier.

HD-CVI Dahua encoders are shipping, we have one and it is in queue to be tested.

HD-TVI manufacturers ... who do not OEM Hikvision

Interesting. Which ones?

Techpoint sells chips to other companies besides Hikvision. Given the whole web of OEMing, I am not sure who is who though.

It seems that everybody forgets that a DVR also plays as a multiple entry IP video encoder with an advantage: It records locally 24/7 no matter if network is OK or not.

So, if you want to connect a HD-TVI camera to a VMS, my suggestion is: Use a small 4 channels HD-TVI DVR close to the camera. Nowadays, most of VMS are accepting DVRs too.

For more information, please read the article http://cctvinstitute.com.br/ipcameras.html at my website.




No one forgot. You just did not read the opening post, where A said:

"I am aware of the IPVM article covering pulling an RTSP stream from the DVRs. However, we'd be looking for a more full featured functionality such as motion detection being functional within the VMS."

Nowadays, most of VMS are accepting DVRs too...

Do you mean most VMSes are accepting most DVRs? Or just some Hiks and Dahuas thru ONVIF?

VMS developers are interested in integrate every camera and DVR in the market. The more integration they have, the more they sell.

For instance, if you look at compatibility list of Digifort, at http://digifort.com.br/compatibilities, and you select type as "DVR", you'll see more than 30 DVRs manufacturers already integrated, including Dahua and Hikvision.

Besides that, if DVR you want is not in the list, you just tell them that; they will look for integrate it.

Anyway, they want you to buy their system, don't they?

At Milestone, normally a bastion of interoperability, the Dvr support looks to be weaker:

Besides the JXX DVR's, which look a bit dated, it doesn't appear that anyone is asking or, maybe no one is listening, for new Dvr integration requests...

People do ask for DVR integration. A company like Digifort with less installed base is far more likely to add them based on customer request, though, in hopes of increasing said base.

Milestone, which already has a large user base, is more likely to spend development money elsewhere, as DVR integrations are likely relatively few compared to bug fixes or new features.

Genetec supports several DVRs, but they aren't all listed. Again, they're a fairly uncommon request, though they'll do it as a professional services contract, or if there's a solid business case.

Simply adding more devices to the list for sake of quantity isn't a solid business case.

Genetec supports several DVRs, but they aren't all listed.

I wonder why they don't list them if they went through the trouble of writing drivers for them. In their finder they show only 1 Bosch, 1 Panasonic, 12 interlogix, and 4 others. Maybe Milestone supports a bunch more too.

But VMSes don't usually support other VMSes, right?

And since a DVR is technically a VMS that comes with its own hardware, maybe that has something to do with them not listing the integrations which they were paid to do?

Unbeliveable! Just 3? All Johnson Controls?

D-Guard, from Seventh, another Brazilian VMS, also has a huge list of DVRs, even bigger than Digifort:


Brazilian system integrators are very demanding about... integration!

Probably that's why these two brands sells a lot here, much more than Milestone, Genetec, ISS, etc.

But both are selling worldwide, probably they have a representation in your country.

What is a proper VMS? I guess the suitable VMS depends on all the equipment, which has not been specified.

I assume A means more generally that he does not want to use Hikvision DVRs for the software / front-end. Once you have an encoder, you can then theoretically connect it to any VMS software of one's choosing (proper, not proper, etc.).

Correct. Currently we will connect to their HD-TVI DVRs. Long term (1+ years) we may have the need to connect to a full VMS. The "proper" portion was not meant as an attack on anyone's VMS, but rather a note that we will need to connect to a full-fledged VMS.

I am a Hikvision Sales Engineer and I am interested in learning what your needs are with the full-fledged VMS. Hikvision has license-based professional and enterprise VMS that they can customize and intergrate with other products and systems.

David, is the Hikvision IVMS 5200 now out?

I just noticed this when scanning for similar information:


It might be what you are looking for.

Birger, thanks.

Who is BrewerAlexander? They are to be a small US OEM but I have never heard of them.

They are new to me. I have sent a request for more information as the product can be of interest for us in some special cases.

My meta-point was that if a small US re-labeler has it, it means that a big Chinese factory is about to produce them so might as well wait a few months to get it from a more common / known source.

Birger did you order this unit or get anymore info?

Soory, but they never came back to us with any information.

Not to be to philosophical, but how could one tell this from a TVI Dvr? The SATA disks appear to be standard, and it is listed under the Tribrid encoder (?) section, with two IP inputs.

I have not seen any comments in this for awhile. Been patiently awaiting a 4-8-16 encoder solution. Why you may ask:

  • Legacy 16-32+ analog camera systems (runs 100-800') that were converted over to IP system (Exacq) via 240Q/M7014 encoders. Analog cameras are failing or need to be replaced. IP upgrades and adds over years may have doubled or tripled this system. Hikvision analog camera are really HD-TVI with a switch. At any time, if the encoding system is changed, you just flick the switch and.....HD720/1080. Removing and replacing the coax/power is expensive and may require network requirements (within 300'). We pay about $70 for the analog/hd-tvi fixed lens cameras.
  • Encoding solution currently (240Q or M series) supports 4 cameras for one license. An encoder that does the same? If not would need more licenses. We have tested and tried the DS-7 series HD-TVI NVR with RTSP streaming, and this does work, but the Hikvision motion detection algorithm is excellant (all cameras) and would want direct control of the camera settings/resolution/frame rate from the VMS platform.
  • I have told existing customers with large analog camera systems (plus IP additions) to hold tight at this point. We are replacing the analog cameras with HD-TVI in wait for the opportunity to flick the switch for HD video. This may eliminate the need to recable and add more network equipment (we paid for the 24VAC power and coax years ago). I suspect that this will have the coax-ethernet vendors a little nervous.
  • Cost for a DS-7204 is about $75. Add another $270 for the exacq licenses, and I suppose that about $350 to switch four cameras, vendor cost, to HD-TVI capable is not bad. $250 for the 16 channel plus about $1100 for the 12 licenses ($1350 cost for 16 cameras).
  • The real deal breaker would be if Exacq/VMSVendors/Hikvision would develop a plugin direct integration with these units. Coax/siamese may be here to stay.

The real deal breaker would be if Exacq/VMSVendors/Hikvision would develop a plugin direct integration with these units. Coax/siamese may be here to stay.

Not TVI, but Exar has a HD-CVI 4ch board coming out.

Bumping this up, has anyone found a good encoder yet? I've put a call into Geovision to see if this encoder is ONVIF compatible.


Justin, we covered other encoders including Geovision here - Non-Chinese HD Analog Encoder Options

Relevant excerpt:

Geovision has (2) HD analog encoders, both 4 channels, one for AHD and another for TVI. They are both small form factor unlike the HD analog encoders so far from Dahua and Hikvision. ONVIF support is planned for 'early Q2 2017'. Estimated street pricing ~$300.

Also 8 channel versions are planned for Q1 2017 release and 16 channel ones in Q3 2017.

Dragging this up from the dead.
I noticed Digital Watchdog has a 16 channel HD-TVI/CVI Encoder in the 500.00 range.
I'm going to order on and see if I can make it work with Avigilon.

Thanks John!

I'm going to order on and see if I can make it work with Avigilon.

Is there an ONVIF compatible version yet?

I just downloaded the firmware zip file but there is no release notes in it.