Fist Fight / Altercation At Work?

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I had someone almost swing at me once. He threatened it, right in front of my manager, so that was awesome. But never actually had a physical fight at work. Actually never witnessed one, either, despite years of working on construction sites.

My first day, first morning, as a network engineer, I hear yelling across the hall. Two guys in shirt and ties are fighting on the floor.

They were sales people. There was only one leather chair. Both wanted it.

It was "second prize".

Plumber once swung on me for peeing in his toolbox. Which I did because he cut all my wires. On purpose. And laughing about it. Punk.

I worked at a manufacturing plant in High School where some of the old-timer maintenance guys would bare knuckle groggy old man punches in the parking lot after they clocked out.

It seemed really dumb as an indifferent bystander, watching those old sweathogs trying to grab on to escaping glory before it flew away. No one ever got fired, or even hurt, that I can recall.

In their defense, bare knuckle brawling is a lot of fun as long as nobody gets killed. When you fight with no protection, nobody wants to break a bone or anything, so you actually hit and get hit a lot lighter than if you're wearing gloves and a helmet. The trick is to make sure there's no bad blood between the participants, or it will go on well past the time to quit.

I especially love the "Love Triangles" we have to deal with in Corporate Security. Grown adults acting like they're in Jr. High. Priceless.

Hey Now, "The first rule of fight club..."

A million years ago one of the technicians under my supervision was arrested for punching a 7-11 clerk in the face for refusing to sell him a six pack of beer. He was of legal age but didn't have his ID with him. He was in company uniform and driving a company truck, which we were called to pick up after his arrest.

I had an early warning sign about this guy when he was tagging along with me on service calls during his first day on the job. One of our stops was a detention center where we were servicing some electric locking hardware. As we passed along the holding cells, every other detainee seemed to know him, calling out 'Hey, how's it going?", "Long time no see, man". etc.

Never permitted, Termination offense , No option out , Fire Immediately

A long time ago I was running a small project on-site at a client in manhattan. One day we added a new hire from out-of-town, who had previous experience.

As was company tradition, that night we took the guy out for dinner and boozing. At dinner the guy gets spaghetti sauce all over his white shirt. As he starts to get 'lit' he mentions that he doesn't have any other shirt with him and that he intends on wearing the stained shirt tomorrow anyway, because the client loves him and his work is like the "t**s of god" (his expression).

I told him I would fire him if he wore the shirt or was even late. I may have been slightly affected as well by that point, to be honest.

Nine o'clock comes and goes next morning; at ten o'oclock the client is asking about him and I say he was terminated last night. Which was right when he walks thru the door, stained shirt and all.

I shunt him into the break room and tell him again he is fired. He winds up as if to hit me, but then redirects his punch towards the cheap sheet-rock wall.

Unfortunately, he hits the stud dead-on with his fist and screams. I fell backwards knocking over a mini-fridge, big commotion. When he was escorted out of the building he was still whimpering about his hand.

Because of that and his reddened shirt people thought I got the best of him. If they only knew the truth.

Maybe if I hear anymore bitching about Trump at work.