Have You Been Bribed In The Security Industry?

This tweet raises an interesting question:

How common are bribes in the security industry?

This is not something talked or bragged about often, unless you are a trade magazine editor (where bribes are de rigeuer).

No one has ever attempted to bribe me at IPVM but I presume that's because (1) fear of us publishing it (which we would be happy to do) and (2) because I don't get out much making a bribe by email necessary (yet insane).

But I can imagine that many end users and consultants would be tempting targets for bribes / kickbacks, etc.

It would be helpful if we can exchange some experiences about bribes in the industry.

I personally have never seen it happen, but former coworkers (who are members here) have. I'll let them comment directly with particulars if they want, but generally it was 'pay to play' where the customer asked for some sort of payment or 'personal rebate' to award the job. Real sleazeball stuff. We knew the 'dirty integrators' in my area by who ended up 'winning' the job.

It wasn't common, but it does happen. Big accounts, small accounts, single jobs... you name it.

In Silva example up top, a follow-up question would be: Did the mere offer of the bribe result in the disqualification of the briber?

Maybe Silva Associates could simply proceed in getting all quotes without directly acknowledging the offer. Then after making an unbiased choice, collect any bribes possible and give them to the customer directly.

@Brian, if blatant bribery isn't that common in your experience, what have you seen regarding about the subtler forms of the art?

You know when somebody dangles other "opportunities" (real or bs), at a different company, with the idea that you will be unlikely to oppose them at XYZ company because they gave you a lead (and put in the 'good word') at ABC? This is harder to resist because it could be that the lead is just the result of normal networking, but often not. Intent is key here.

p.s. I wonder if anyone will actually give an affirmative response to the topic question as stated...

Quite Common among Politicians and large projects.

I have been and have inadvertantly . Just Part of the contracting culture

No one wants to win a project just because thier loosing thier shorts or not making what they expected. so Christmas Gifts Go A long way to being on the select list of contractors or invitations to the party or bid party.

Many Percs and gifts, trinkets, on a different scale , but the same thing.

Hoping to gain favor with little gifts to the pms, management team or alike

Call it what you will , or lable it however, But the bottom line is If they dont like you or your company, you wont get the work or future work.

Bribes, Percs, Gratuitys, Rewards : Still the Same , Different Language

More Stops in todays culture to try to stop this from happening.

heard of it happening on airport projects.

No and not yet. 11 months on job to boot. No suspect offer of perc or reward come my way, not even faint whiff of scandel. Even tho have twice loosed both the shirt and the short, still seeing no briberous invitations, not even any 'pay to play' favors greasyly thrust into unstretched palms by sleazeballing customers.

How long is usual 'go without' phase for newerbie? Maybe because I over-project my ethics to them, not hard to do.

InTruth: Once was asked to look 'other way'? Did so. Was wrong? Don't know, didn't look. Integrity.

Do Christmas cookies count?