Best Avigilon H3 Non-Ir Low Light Performance?


Have there been conducted any recent tests of the avigilon h3 range? I see only two reviews that mentions such tests. But they are from 2012. I am mostly interested in low/bad light reviews. Especially where weak indoor lighting is used.

This is our 2013 Avigilon H3 test.

That said, I don't think there is going to be anything new to find.

Of the H3s, for low light, there are 4 groupings: (1) with IR, (2) not with IR but 'super' low light Lightcatcher, (3) non-IR 'regular' night performance and (4) non-IR really poor night performance.

Here is a list of all the non-IR H3 Avigilon cameras. Of them:

  • The Lightcatcher cameras are rated by Avigilon at 10x or greater low light sensitivity than any other H3 camera
  • The non-Lightcatcher, non microdomes are all rated 10 - 20x less than Lightcatcher. That's the model we tested above. These models account for ~90% of H3.
  • Finally, there is the microdome which is rated at 100x worse than Lightcatcher, coming in it a high .6 lux.

Basically, what Avigilon is saying with these specs, is that if you really want their best non-IR low light performance, use Lightcatcher. This is consistent with our testing of Avigilon and other manufacturer's super low light vs 'regular' cameras.