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Has Anyone Utilized ATV Gear?

I have a specification that has flat specified an Advanced Technology Video (ATV) product. Has anyone had any experience with the ATV line, especially the ATV NVR's and ATV branded IP cameras? I have some reservations about supporting this product because so far my experience with the ATV NVR unit I am currently testing has been less than stellar.

They were big back in the days in DVRs through ADI, etc. All what they do now is rebrand products. I still see them at ISC west and wonder how they are still in busniess. Good luck!

Yes, that is the main issue. I am having major heartburn considering that this system will be handling 600+ cameras in the district. I can't see how this ever came to be specified at all. I don't think anything that requires an NVR for every 16 IP cameras is a viable solution for over 16 cameras. Haven't we already been through this in the industry?

I have not, but it's weird that it is a hard spec. They are a random relabel brand, and anyone with an ADI account can buy it.

<insert cricket sound here>