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Anyone With Experience With Aventura Dvr/Nvrs?

I have a potential customer that bought a 48 channel Aventura about seven years ago from a vendor that won't support the product and I'm trying to evaluate their options fairly. It appears that the installled camera base of about 40 cameras is analog on CAt5e and baluns into 16 channel transcievers. My sense is that they are not about to toss out their analog cameras yet. I am not familar with Aventrura so I wonder if the product line is problematical or they just had a bad vendor.

I have never heard an integrator who uses Aventura, though they seem to be a fairly sizeable company. They are a little bit of mystery in the market. btw, they are the guys promoting / first with H.265.

I don't know anything about their DVRs but I do know they promote an end to end offering.

A while back they OEM'ed Hikvision DVRs and DVR cards. That's what you might be working with. Never used them though