Has Anyone Had Good Success Using Ubiquiti Nanostations

I am considering using ubiquiti's nanostation for a rooftop application. I would have 4 transceivers plugged into switches with 2-3 IP cameras on it. Has anyone done a setup like this? If so how well does it work? My span is 800ft.

Thank you in advance

they work great i would use the 5GHz models though i have had them work up to a mile with some under wooden steps and though loads of vegetation with very little signal loss. they are all pole mount though so if you want to mount them to a flat surface you will need to make a bracket for it.

I think i have about 20 of them set up and running right now havent had any down time yet

Wow, 20 up and running now...that is very promising for what I will need it for.

Do you have them powering a switch or direct connect into a camera?

I have a large enterprise system to run it on. so the all go back to switches. each remote point goes into a switch because I haven't had a case where I use just one camera per Access point. the AP's dont power cameras that i know of.

they are probably the easiest wireless bridges I have ever set up and some of the most reliable.

their cameras on the other hand are very poor

No problem at all

One of them streaming 6 cam

5 hik and hik PTz

I have pushed several fully loaded DVR's with PTZ cameras across the NANO's a and the Power Bridges and had ZERO issues. Very easy to set up and have been installed for around (3) years now without a problem.

DITTO, I have used Ubiquity's Nano Stations on 6 jobs so far without incident. The most number of cameras on any one is 3, 3MP. Since there is little to no factory tech support I called a couple of suppliers and found two that offered me really outstanding support. (I only turned to the second supplier was that the first supplier had no inventory available). Good luck, I'm sure you will be happy with the Ubiquity product.

We have multiple installs with Nanostation Loco's and have never had an issue, besides accidentally sending 48v PoE to one. We bypassed the pico-fuse and brought it back to life. It's still working fine 3+ years later. We've yet to reboot one or have a single service call.

They work PtP and PtMP really well. Watch out for multi hop packet loss. Sending 15-20Mbs through 3 hops to get to a switch has been challenging.

We have 12 3mp cameras on a 5nanostation bridge over 4 years with no issues. We have been using nanobeams more lately when more than 2 cameras for more bandwidth

Ive used the nanobeam 5ghz and get like 400mbps up and down between 2 buildings about 2000' apart clear line of sight in a rural area. Now, I have the same devices in a metro area, about 100' from each other and they are extremely problematic, and I am having it hardwired as I type this.

When I say problematic, the AP disconnects from the other one, and if I don't have it programmed to autoreboot, its dead in the water. I recently had a pair totally drop offline to where I could not reach either.

Makes me rethink doing wireless.

All of my installs are in urban areas, still zero issues.

i think it may be because the police station is across the street and theres another few sources of interfearence as well as 50 other 5ghz networks that show up on it.

part of the problem i figured out is the encryption was causing issues... take off the password and its fine 80% of the time.