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Skip The ISC Floor For Certification Training?

A manufacturer informed me this week that they have decided to conduct certification training instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a booth. They will conduct 4 certification classes, each only a couple of hours long, over 2 days. Do you think this is a smart investment?

I am not sure how many view ISC West as a platform to 'evangelise' to new/potential customers, but would a training session leave room for manufacturers to meet with those not taking class?

Bad idea. Unless things have changed over the years, classes at ISC are like the commercials shown in movie theaters - a double-dip on your wallet. I gave up attending classes years ago after discovering that the vast majority were nothing more than thinly disguised promotions.

I'm attending ISC West for the first time this year. I sure hope this is not a waste of time... i sure hope this is not another commercial... Ugg... I guess i will take my fly rod and waders just in case....

Several years ago Aimetis began hosting its 2 day Certified Partner Training the 2 days prior to ISC. This works well since many are heading to Vegas for the ISC West show. Most airports have direct flights to Vegas and its an easy venue to host training. Since the training is held away from the Sands before the show starts, we have virtually no distractions. Most attendees get more out of the training since they are not rushed to leave & head home at the end of the day. Rather they tend to stick around to discuss solutions and best practices.

We still exhibit though, our current customers expect us to be there.

Shaun, are they doing this before the show, like Anthony mentions, or during it?

I think during the show is challenging since there is so many competing options to distract / fracture potential attendance.