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Good Disclosure Of Actual Video - Axis Vs Arecont & Avigilon

I ran across this article from Axis about using their PTZ camera on the mast of a sailboat. I'm an end user and a fan of Axis, but I have no intention of putting a PTZ camera on a sailboat, I don't even own a sailboat.

What struck me is Axis did a good job indicating what video was from the actual Axis camera. I seem to recall IPVM criticizing Avigilon & Arecont about misleading customers as to what images actually came from their cameras. I thought this was a good example of what companies should do.

Aaron, good eye on that. It seems to be from just 2 weeks ago.

I agree that it is a good example. For those who did not watch, whenever Axis shows video from its own camera, it flashes 'Axis camera footage' on the right hand corner. However, when it is not, the caption disappears.

It really is a simple and responsible thing to do.

having grown up on the Chesapeake Bay, i am very interested in how the crew used the camera for navigation purposes. Perhaps it was to zoom ahead and see icebergs? May have been handy for ol' Captain Smith and the HMS Titanic.