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Gigapixel PTZ, 240x Zoom, Under $5,000?

Take a look at this Spec sheet!

i can see accidentally adding a zero or three to a numeral, but who says Gigapixel by accident??

if anyone can explain the "240x zoom 4x digital" line, please do...


Someone has made some errors in describing the actual specs;

2.1Million Pixels is 2.1 Megapixels not "Gigapixels" as can be evidenced by the "output image" - max 1920 x 1080

4.7-94mm lens is 20x adding 4x digital zoom actually makes 24x which could be misconstrued as 80x but not 240x

So actually its an expensive 2.1mp PTZ considering it doesn't use a slipring and is limited to 340 degrees rotation.

Maybe it's Gigapixel(total) with an (effective)Megapixel resolution ;)

But doesn't total zoom = optical zoom * digital zoom?

Why do you add it?


Sorry Chris you are right, the correct calculation is optical x digital so 80x in this case. Because the digital only kicks in at the maximum focal length it acts as a multiplier.

Either way, it's all nonsense :) Digital Zoom Tutorial

It is also limited to 15fps @ 1080p.

Yeah, this is ridiculous. On the other hand, who is the company?

They make another reference to 2.4 Gigapixels at the bottom of this page - so it does not seem to be an accident. Presumably they mean that if you take a 2MP PTZ, zoom in, and pan / tilt over a 260 area that it will cover or be equivalent of 2.4 GigaPixels. Obviously, under this logic, any modern HD speeddome would qualify and yet it would be pointless anyway.

On the other hand, maybe these guys are just trying out for Avigont's marketing team?

Kudos to you sir! More plausible than anything I considered...

So then they just need to change it to Gigapixels per hour ;)

The company is nobody now, but remember today's SightI$ight is tommorow's, never mind you're right.

But what a tag line "I was blind but now I can see". Besides its problems with originality, who is blind?

Is it a tag line for the customer?


p.s. How did u do that with the OP? embedded HTML? Or cropped screenshot?