Geutebruck Installation Guide

Hi Guys

Has anyone got experience using the Geutebruck VMS? I am trying to find an installation guide to understand how the VMS should be installed and how it stores the video footage.

Does Geutebruck have a live and archive DB? Am I able to Tier off the archive footage to seperate storage and potentially offsite? Would the VMS still be able to access and pull the footage correctly? Does Geutebruck support NAS?

Any help with the above will be very much appreciated! :)

Hello Undisclosed,

We do not have a pre-made installation guide; a typical installation is performed by our trained and certified partners. The help files are quite detailed, and we have several supplementary targeting guides available as well. If you call or email us, any of the technical support team members would be happy to assist you with whatever we can. You can email us at, and you can call us at 800-691-2969 (option 2 for technical support).

We use what we affectionately refer to as a “Live Database”, which allows us very quick access to images by opening and locking the files for exclusive use by the server as part of this process. We also have an external archive system called “Auto-Backup” which allows for automated exports into a portable version of our database which can be stored offsite.

We do offer support for internal, direct attached, and network addressable storage.

Please let us know how we can help!

Chris Wahl

Technical & Sales Support Manager

Geutebruck Security Inc.

Does Geviscope = Geuterbrueck VMS?

Hi Chris this is fantastic! Thank you!

Regarding the "Live DB" how long is data stored here for is it 4hours, can I adjust this?

What connectivity is supported, ISCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS, SMB?

Thank you for your help Chris!

Hello again,

The video data is stored "First In, First Out" so depending on how much is being currently recorded, and your database size, it can be signifcantly longer (30, 60, 300 days for example).

We support local drive connections as well as ISCSI, I will have to check on the others. I understand that there have been compatibility tests on some (CIFS, NFS), but not enough yet to say they are fully compatible.

We are happy to help in any way we can! I would again like to extend the invitation to give us a call when you have a few minutes and we'll give you a quick walkthrough of the system and answer any questions you have on your machine. Especially if we are able to get remote access, this tends to be much more efficient and we can answer questions with more detail.

Chris Wahl

Technical & Sales Support Manager

Geutebruck Security Inc.

Yes, GeViScope is one of our VMS products!

Maybe this document would help the OP then?