NASCAR Autograph At ISC East? Who's Excited?

Two "Nascar Greats" (Randy and Corey LaJoie) will be at the show Wednesday, November 19th from 12:00pm - 2:00pm.

They aren't affiliated with any booth/manufacturer (as far as the ISC East website says), but I wonder what the reason is? I would much rather have a surprise run in with Shaq again...

*From our IACP coverage last year (2013).

I met Joe Girardi and got his autographed picture last year :)


Who are Randy and Corey LaJoie?

NASCAR ain't popular in NYC.

agreed. Terrible call to have them as the guests.

Anthony Mason is the way to go. Just $3,000 apperance fee.

Hire him yourself Budalich. Walk around the show floor like a rock star.

hahaha, if you are willing to go halves with me I'll do that. Plus, you wouldn't pay that just to see me play him in a game of 1 on 1?

Meanwhile, Randy and Corey LaJoie are asking each other "WTF is ISC East?"

I live in Texas, and I've never heard of them, but I've never actually watched a race...

NASCAR ain't popular in NYC.

But if NASCAR IS rudely popular elsewheres, then IS so smart because

  1. NYC peoples WILL go to NYC show already - because show in NYC
  2. Atlanta peoples WILL go to NYC - only to gush on NASCAR hero
  3. Atlanta peoples LIKE NASCAR stars - dont care NYC peoples cant gush
  4. NASCAR maybe give discount - so to try tap untapped metro vastlands

If not agree, here is a real sceneario to imagine: If 'ISC MoreEaster' held in Belgrade, and we got two choices for celeb, what can make you fly here in a snapbeat?

Gubenvor Chris Christie*, (a very largely unknown in Serbia)


or the very local famous local accordianist of all-time

Predag Tozovac?  I rest your case.


I don't know. Chris Christie can be very entertaining. I used to listen to him on the radio when he was a Freeholder, years ago.

Its right to trust your guts here. Locally cruel joke: Predag Tozovac = Prozac.

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