Get Cameras, Pay Nothing For 6 Months?

Got a newsletter today with a different promotion, see below:

It is based on a PayPal program.

Interest rates are essentially nil so this makes it easier.

Might be an option for a small business with a need but without available money (lump sum) to get the best possible system options.

We looked into this a few months ago to offer our customers as an option and the funds they give you are pretty small amounts. Back then it was called "bill me later". maybe a few hundred bucks at the most they were willing to lend. They may have changed it now who knows. Maybe I will look into it again.

Assuming this is open to end users and not just dealers / integrators, my guess is that you won't find the more trusted tier 1 camera brands because it's the best way for any manufacturer to lose the support of their dealers.

A, I think the PayPal program is independent of any camera manufacturer. To PayPal, it's all just widgets and any widget seller or reseller (like the integrator above) can participate.

Now why would manufacturers lose the support of their dealers because of this?

I agree that its likely an online shop selling them, but for the most part, I see manufacturers becoming more diligent about restricting sales to online resellers because their traditional integrators refuse to sell their stuff if they have to compete with these types of companies. I've seen it many times. The bigger the manufacturer is, the more I see them making these efforts. Granted, Axis seems to get away with it regardless, but it's definitely something that traditional dealers despise and they'll typically try not to sell any product that is easily found online eroding their ability to make margin.

"I agree that its likely an online shop selling them"

This is an Oklahoma City local integrator.

I'd think that the 6 mos / zero interest credit card option from ADI would prove more popular, though I've also heard that it requires a personal guarantee from the business owner, so even that isn't getting as much play as they'd hoped.