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Geovision Cameras With Which VMS?

Hello All

Have a client with 10 analog cameras and 3 Geovision and is looking to upgrade the VMS although on NUUO's site it does not mention them as an integration partner nor does Milestone...

Hi Jason, on Geovision's list of recording partners NUUO and Milestone are both listed as "Certified by ONVIF" and "Tested by Geovision."

In the tests we have done (the UBX1300, lox lux minidome, and LPC camera), their cameras integrated via ONVIF with Exacq and Milestone just fine. Motion detection worked on Exacq, but I don't recall whether it worked on Milestone.

Hi Ethan

Yes on their site although they do not appear on either Milestone and or Nuuo? Would you suggest using the Geovision cameras with Excaq or Milestone?

I've used them most with Exacq. We experienced no issues with them integrated to Exacq in any of our tests. Camera side motion detection worked well on all the models we tested. We saw no streaming issues with Milestone, though I do not think camera side motion worked, so you'd have to use Milestone's built-in server side motion detection.

It doesn't really surprise me that Milestone or NUUO don't list them as supported if the integration is via ONVIF. If they listed out every ONVIF camera, it would be a very long list!

What would you use in the above mentioned scenario as a VMS?

"Have a client with 10 analog cameras and 3 Geovision and is looking to upgrade the VMS "

In this case, you would probably do well with an Exacq hybrid recorder. It would be a one box solution, plugging the analog straight into the back, and adding the Geovision via IP (that model includes 4 IP licenses to start).

There may be less expensive hybrid recorders out there which others could recommend, but this would be a good place to start.

Have you had experience with Nuuo integration?