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Genetec Security Center Quote/Pricing

Not sure if this is ok to post, if there is a better way let me know. We're kind of DIY when it comes to setting up cameras and access control. We've successfully setup a 30 camera Milestone and 6 swipe HID system at one of our buildings, but we're looking to switch to Genetec security center for a new building. I've tried to find resellers on Genetec's website, but couldn't find any. I also left a voicemail for Genetec sales this morning and haven't received a call back yet. Anyway we're just looking to get some Security Center licenses with Omnicast and Synergis, and a few HID controllers. So I'm wondering it there is anyone here who could help me out. We're in the Kansas City area. Starting out pretty small where Genetec is probably overkill, but planning on adding more hardware/licenses as we go, and potentially replacing our Milestone setup down the road.


Hi Ryan, I forwarded your request to our Genetec contacts and hopefully help expedite things for you. May I ask why the switch?

Call 7183261622, we are Genetec elite dealer, would love to help you.


Ryan. My name is Jason Glover I'm the director if sales for Genetec and I also live in KC. Please call me at 913-948-3855 at anytime. Ill be happy to discuss your project with you. Thanks! JG

Ok, this looks solved. In the future, if anyone needs a sales contact for any manufacturer, just email us and we can forward / connect privately.

Ryan why are you switching from Milestone?

Thanks to Jason for getting me taken care of!


We're still keeping Milestone at our main building. But we really like the HID IP products and integrated access control option.