Feedback On Ganetech Bintelan Video Analytics

Has anyone worked with Ganetech / Bintelan and their analytics? If so, how was the performance and overall experience? Thanks in advance!

I have heard of them a few times but I have not heard of anyone using them (though that is likely because they are based in Spain). They did recently hire a former Milestone VP, Manuel Nylen, to run the US, and so I suspect their presence / marketing will increase here. I reached out to Ganetech to learn more.

My main question would be what analytic development they are doing on their own? They list / promote a very broad variety including LPR, face rec, iris rec, people counting, intrusion detection, vehicle speed, etc. That would require a huge engineering team but their LinkedIn profile shows limited engineering and most focused on software integration not core computer vision.

Let's see what others have to add and I'll report back if they respond.

Thanks and I agree with your findings thus far. It seems that they are focusing on becoming a common interface for hosting many different 3rd party analytics rather than developing their own analytics.

I spoke with the CEO of Ganetech today.

A few thoughts / observations.

They confirmed they are a platform for analytics and do not develop analytics themselves. However, they say they use/incorporate 45 different algorithms from many different 3rd parties, allowing users to mix and match the best algorithms for specific applications, environments, etc. They also emphasized how their floating licenses allow greater flexibility of dynamically allocating a smaller number of licenses over a larger number of cameras.

The main structural issue I see is why use Ganetech vs just simply going direct to the specific analytic providers you prefer / want? If you are happy with specific analytics that already integrate with your preferred VMS, that would most often be the simplest and the least expensive approach.

Also, related Ganetech's analytics are typically going to be server based as they are not generally built in to cameras, which adds complexity as well relative to many of the most popular ones that are embedded into cameras. Ganetech says only 2 out of the 45 analytics they support are Axis ACAP compliant (and are from third parties that they integrate).

Also, beware of integration. Ganetech was vague about their integration depth but outside of Genetec and Milestone, if you use Ganatech you probably need to monitor analytic details in their client rather than your VMSes.

The feeling I got speaking to Ganetech was they have the most potential for larger organizations with that want to do many types of analytics across lots of cameras and varying sites.

Lastly, the biggest negative to me was that the CEO kept on emphasizing how they good to do everything - every analytic, every VMS, every market segment. In general, that sales pitch approach is a yellow flag to me, all the more so when it comes to analytics, where overpromising and under-delivering is so common.


thanks for this info, any test or recommendation on "vehicle speed analytical" compatible with Milestone?