Full Color At Night Cameras? Starlight?

I have been getting some spam emails advertising cameras that show full color at night. Some are calling this technology "Starlight". Does this produce a better image than common B/W IR night vision that I'm used to seeing?

Can you post an image?

The short answer is no, though. There are better imagers available all around, which is making most cameras better at night, even without low light.

For example, see: The Super Low Light Shootout

But the spam camera manufacturers, I'd be careful with.

Ok. This one wasn't spam. It was from of my regular suppliers. Supposedly the picture on the left represents the actual scene and the picture on the right represents the same scene with the starlight camera. If this is for real its quite a breakthrough.

Starlight camera

This video looks very convincing.

We've actually tested a Uniview Starlight camera, the IPC542E-DU, though not sure if there have been updates to that line since then. It doesn't appear so.

It was good in low light, but I have a hard time believing that "under 0.002 lux" claim.

This was monochrome at ~0.01:

0.002 lux is commonly defined as nothing but starlight in a clear sky, no moon or cityglow. Like camping in the deep forest.

I can't say what the camera sees @ 0.002 lux, but I can say that humans can't see much but the starlight. Certainly it would not be wise to be taking walks by the river and horsing around. And riding a bike @ 0.002 lux? Try it.

So, no I don't think the scene was at 0.002 lux.

If you liked that video, you'll love this one from SPI: