FOV Of Camera Spec Does Not Match Calculator

Just curious why the Data Sheet for some of these Hikvision cameras doesn't match up with what I get in any lense calculators.

From the Data Sheet for DS-2CE16D5T-IT3 (

Angle of view: 103.5° (2.8 mm), 80.9° (3.6 mm), 54.3° (6 mm), 24.3° (12 mm)

From the calculator: 80.9° (2.8 mm), 67.38° (3.6 mm), 43.60° (6 mm), 22.62° (12 mm)

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I don't know the specific reason for this Hikvision model but this is something that happens frequently. The most common reasons include: the dimensions of the lens vary from what's generally listed and the image is not taken from the full imager dimensions.

This is one of the reason we encourage people to use the spec'd AoV rather than generically estimating, also why we include AoVs in the Camera Calculator for specific models that have integrated lenses.

Thanks, John. So when the spec'd AoV is not available you put the generic estimate into the IPVM calculator?

I'm guessing that maybe the spec'd AoV was not available when these cameras were loaded into the IPVM calculator.

I updated them a few minutes ago after seeing your post. See them here: Calculator for the DS-2CE16D5T-IT3.

If you find any others without AoV listed, just let us know and we'll update.

Btw, when pulling up the Calculator for the DS-2CE16D5T-IT3, you should see the recorded AoV options:

Thank you, John. I'm not sure how I missed that before!

I've had issues in the past with other Asian cameras and their FOV.. The response was that they measure field of view diagonally, not horizontally. No one understood why, but you might see if that's the case