Forensic Video Enhancement Software

Has anyone used any type of Forensic Video Enhancement Software. If so what kind and what are the positives, what are the negatives? Looking to adding another division to the company. Thank you.


From what we have seen, forensic video enhancement tends to be a small niche, generally outsourced to a handful of specialists (e.g., Lessons Learned from a Video Forensics Expert).

We've tested 2 of them, see: Testing Ikena's Video Enhancement Software and Video Enhancement Startup (Lentix) Partners With Milestone. Neither worked really well.

That said, we have seen examples where specialists, with training and a fair amount of time, have been able to materially enhance video. However, it is not clear how often they cannot do much of anything (i.e., times where video was provided to them and the results were marginal).

So, net/net, I am skeptical about the ability of forensic enhancement software to make a material difference generally.

Hi there, The restoration of video effects such as motion blur and the enhancement of the footage to provide better interpretation is my bread and butter! I am a certified Forensic Video Analyst and am also the international trainer for Amped Software. The flagship software is FIVE, Forensic Video and Image Enhancement. I'm currently mobile so typing a full reply is not possible but feel free to contact me on my email..

The name of your software is particularly troubling to people with OCD's like mine, since Forensic Image and Video Enhancement works much better with your chosen acronym.

I had reading no problem it. ;)

Arghh, bloody predicted text on mobile. 2016 resolution: read replies before pressing post!

Arghh, bloody predicted text on mobile. 2016 resolution: read replies before pressing post! And now cannot update on PC.. Only mobile! I will contact OP direct.

I think it boils down to the old saying, if the video image wasn't there at the point of capture, it ain't going to be there during playback/review.....

Though just because you can't see something on playback doesn't mean it ain't there.

Digital watermarks are proof of that.