For Free, You Can Write ASIS Exam Questions

ASIS is amazing.

They have put out a call for industry people to write exam questions. ASIS gets paid for these exams in addition to the required books exam takers have to buy.

Obviously, this is ASIS so you are going to do work for them for free but here is the kicker, taken straight from their faq:

How charitable. ASIS will let you do their work and you do not even need to pay them.

I still cannot understand why ASIS would even want to do this. They should be more concerned about motivating the highest quality people to work hard to create the best, most timely questions.

Some guidelines for would-be question writers from ASIS:

The premise or stem of the question is first, followed by four possible answers.

Nothing new there, but Jeopardy fans will be disappointed.

The correct answer should be listed first for review purposes. This rule will obviously not be followed when the question appears in an examination.

I think that's smart, mix the answers up a bit, keep everyone on their toes.

When developing answers, DO NOT use any of the following: None of the above All of the above All except A and C (or B and C, etc.)

Thank you for not listing C and C and D and C. We're not stupid you know.

Making or retaining copies of submitted questions is neither acceptable nor authorized. Submit questions directly through Remote Item Software (RIW).

Of course traditional smoking reel-to-reel tapes are accepted as long as "this message will self-destruct in 10 seconds" is played at the outro.

And try really hard to forget the questions you write.