Can Cameras See Through Fog?


Please share your experience with fog / laser cameras / system for surveillance in special application.


Is the root of your question which cameras/technology performs best 'seeing' through fog?

Yes, I am looking for a camera capable to se through fog. Thx
JVC had some of the VNH series of cameras that touted the ability of their CLVI technology. I was a former rep of theirs...

Rather than focusing on which camera, perhaps it's worthwhile to consider which wavelengths have adequate fog penetration to support your application. Then it becomes a question of whether any affordable solution can meet your requirements.

From what I've seen, the latest Bosch camera's have an anti-fog feature in their latest firmware.

Can't say I have tried it yet tho.

I just got off the phone with Bosch technical support and I'll set up an test with MIC camera for next week. I'll let you know how it works. Thx

Sony has an anti-fog feature built in to some of their models, but personally I think it's just a gimmick. All it's doing is darkening the blacks and giving the image a little more contrast.

I saw a demo of the Samsung Wisenet III cams at ASIS Chicago that showed off their ability to see through fog. It was pretty impressive. Keep in mind it was a trade show demo and not an actual install.