Flir, Lorex, Digimerge And Dvtel Brand Management

Are all these brands going away except Flir?

If not, can anyone summarize what the differences are?

Shortly after the acquisition we were seeing the "DvTel is now FLIR" graphics, and DvTel didn't have a self-branded booth at ISC West this year, so most likely the DvTel name will fade away.

From my discussions with various FLIR people, I think Lorex is going to stick around. This helps position that product line as the DIY stuff and avoid some channel conflict. You can buy Lorex online directly.

Most references to Digimerge seem to be gone. There doesn't appear to be a Digimerge store like you can a Lorex store, and an online search seems to show a few random things on Amazon or ebay.

Digimerge was always the "Pro" side of Lorex/Digimerge. I think FLIR has just absorbed the Digimerge stuff into the commercial line under the standard FLIR brand.

So I think ultimately the FLIR and Lorex brands are what will survive.

Thanks for the in-depth.

Everything you say makes sense, but still regarding Lorex, I've noticed that most Lorex kits now seem to have an equivalent FLIR branded one, so I was thinking maybe they're planning on moving everything to FLIR.

Do you think the strategy is to continue to sell both in to the low market? Also, the FLIR models at least are apparently Dahuan, but didn't Lorex make its own hardware before the acquisition? Why would they buy one Asian manufacturer and then OEM another?

There are references to Digimerge if you search by part number alone for the MPX (HD-CVI) line.