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Fire: Kidde Versus Honeywell

Pros and cons of each? If you had to start all over, which one would you use?




How does pricing compare?


I've never used Kidde, but the BC200 Honeywell panels are super simple to setup and use and install.

What sort of systems/devices are you talking about? I'm assuming you mean panels, but not clear.

Also, Honeywell's Fire brands include Fire-Lite, Gamewell-FCI, Gent, Silent Knight, Notifier, and probably 5 others I'm forgetting. Which are options for you?

Yes panels. Probably Fire Lite and Silent Knight


Basically we are just getting into fire and looking for a line of panels we can standardize on. We plan on starting small but want to make sure we have a line we can grow into.

I think Edwards is the way to go, has not had too much development but they have all way from small panels to large networked ones, Kidde owns them now 

Here we seem to see a LOT of Honeywell, and I am just wondering why. Is it because they have been around so long they are just a standard?


I know there are some companies that make 3rd party devices like Gentex. Is there any limitation on Kidde or Honeywell on using these?