EZVIZ Drops 4K Security Shocker At CES

EZVIZ has announced a 4K, H.265 8 channel kit at CES:

Price not announced. Prediction? <$1000

I think it will be ~$800

That would be a record setting 800 PPP, pixels per penny.

I receive better and better (cheaper and cheaper) proposals from different Chinese companies everyday. Taking into account the latest news from China, I think it can be. And it will be a strong move to get the market share.

I receive better and better (cheaper and cheaper) proposals from different Chinese companies everyday.

Myself as well. Not just proposals either. I got a $50 camera free on a $30 order without asking.

yep, 4k is coming fast and cheap, these guys charging $1200+ per cam are gone.

Copy of press release here. Also contains info on upcoming 3MP HDTVI cameras. Looks like 3MP HDTVI are going to be called "Crispr" while 4K IP will be marketed as "Ultra4."

Pricing for the 3MP TVI kit starts at $599 with no mention of number of channels. No pricing is given for the 4K IP gear.

The NVR in this kit is what can support up to 4K recording resolution and will contain a 4K HDMI output. The cameras in the kit are not 4K products. The NVR will also support H.265 streams but the cameras produced in the kit are only H.264. It's all in how they spin the marketing.

You may be right.

There's no spec sheet to be had, so...

On the other hand, if they are not 4K cameras, EZVIZ might want to do everything possible to upgrade them to 4K before offering for sale. There's no price, so it's still possible.

The ill will and loss of trust generated from selling 1080p cameras in a "4K camera solution" will be non-trivial and I would think not worth it. It may even be actionable false advertising.

Btw, this is from the Ezviz 4K press release:

"The IP Ultra4 wired security solution supports up to 4K 8MP video input and HDMI 2.0 output to display, along with 4K video for monitoring applications. It supports H.265 high-performance video compression and features live and playback viewing at 4K UHD resolution or 1080p HD resolution, when viewing eight or more channels at a time."

That's a little vague though at the end they say "We are incredibly excited to bring a true 4K solution," which implies that the cameras have to be 4K or else they are being deceptive.

Not to mention that the Crispr3 and Ultra4 also share similar language:

Yet in the case of the Crispr they've committed to a camera, so only a very dumb or very smart person would not expect there was a 4K camera as well...