Experience With Vicon Ip-Cameras ? Quality Compared To Axis ?

Our company is specialized in solutions in low light environments. We prefer to work with Axis cameras, but recently we have been approached by a customer who wants us to work with Vicon IP-cameras. Vicon as a supplier of analog cameras is only shortly entering the IP-market, and as a European company, we don't have a lot of market experience with Vicon.

We will receive some test-cameras, but I would like some feedback from the real market using Vicon cameras (mostly American?) :

How does a Vicon IP-camera relate to an Axis camera regarding image quality and stability, especially in low light ? Let's say do they have an equivalent for the Q1614 ?

Reliablility of network connection : stable connections or connection loss ? Bandwidth ?

Quality of their support ? DOA / RMA ?

Other remarks we should be aware of ?

Thanks a lot for any feedback !

Vicon IP cameras are now mostly IQinVision cameras, since Vicon bought / merged with IQinVIsion in 2014. You can tell that on Vicon's network camera page where many / most are named 'IQeye'.

5-7 years ago, IQinVision was competitive, then they really fell behind (bet against H.264), things fell apart, and then Vicon bought them out.

The question then becomes: What new cameras have Vicon / IQ released recently? I've reached out to Vicon to get clarification.

On the company side, it seems Vicon is improving. They hired Milestone's former CSMO, Eric Fullerton and it appears that they are putting things back together.

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I'll follow up with what is new from Vicon on the camera side and hopefully some people have recent experience with Vicon cameras.